All About the Steamiest Role-Playing Ideas Your Escort Can Come Up With

The entire idea of hiring an escort depends on the need to fulfill some unusual sexual fantasies. Men who are in long term relationship, don’t necessarily get everything from their partners, and thus at times depend on escort services. After all, there are so many things one might want to try and this is where professional escorts can help a lot.

Right from flirting and caressing the right way to role playing, escorts can do everything a client desire. As a matter of fact, if you won’t have any good plans as to how you want to spend the night, escorts from agencies like LOveSita can come up with some amazing and extra steamy role play ideas.

So, if you don’t think that the traditional doctor/nurse, teacher/student, or cop/robber types of role play scenarios are working for you, simply rely on your escort. She will definitely surprise you with some new and unique storyline to play on. Nevertheless, if you want a heads up, here we have discussed top 3 steamy role-playing ideas you can expect your escort to offer.

Steamy role-playing ideas: 

  1. Adventure themes: Playing Tarzan and Jane can be extremely exciting. Being Jane, your escort will allow you to ravish her beauty and do all sorts of rough things (but of course in limits). In the beginning she will act as if she is scared of you, but as the play proceeds, she will enjoy your animal excitement. If playing Tarzan is not your thing, you can always try out role plays like Batman/Cat Woman, Superman/Lois, etc. No matter what character you pick, ultimately these themes will be super exciting and involve a bit of danger as well.
  2. Role play which involves very uniform: Such a role play can be described in two words as ‘Super Steamy’. There are numerous scenarios you can play in this one. For instance,
  • You can be a fireman and as a repayment, you are offered sexual favors.
  • You can be a policeman who asks a speeder to pay fine through oral sex.
  • You can be a prison guard who is seduced by a sexy prisoner.
  • You can be a low-ranking officer who is ordered around by a female officer.

Well, the options are countless, and only limited by your imagination.

  1. Role play which involves taboo and unreligious aspects: Often the role plays which involves dirty minded choir boys, sexy nuns, and a pervert priest or father, are the sexiest one. Your escort can either play a sexy nun who is seducing a parishioner or a simple and decent one who has hidden sexual fantasies and is seduced by a father. Either way, it will be a lot of fun. The appealing part here is, your escort will be dressed as nun, but will be wearing a sexy lingerie beneath. She will flash it a couple of times “by mistake” during the act. Since the whole idea seems to be forbidden, it is extremely horny and stimulating.

There are many such ideas which your escort can come up with. Trust her to plan the entire evening and you will not regret it. Besides, if it is her scene, she might act more naturally and thus make it is super steamy for you.

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