Prepare a Wedding Checklist That Helps in Planning the Event Magnificently

Wedding is a lifetime memory that is captured not only in camera, but also in the brain. All couples want to give their best service to guests and look best in their attire. Don’t just think of leaving the entire responsibility on the venue staff and caterer, but take some initiative as well. There are many things that can be added to make some variations in the ritual.

Often to avoid hassle, families seek help from peers and relatives and follow the venue that they suggest. It might be helpful because you trust them, but what’s different about it? All guests would be coming to the same venue again and the food and services offered will be similar too. If you wish to leave a good memory, you have to initiate something different.

Venue can be different in terms of decor and location. For example, the orchard in Fort Worth, TX, this provides outdoor venue. Their layout is close to nature so the seating arrangement of guests is in open under towering trees and lodging is provided in cozy cabins. Apart from that there is pool for parties during summer wedding and also some outdoor games for kids and adults as well. It is the best Fort Worth wedding venue that provides good example for others to imagine.

A wedding is planned not a month before the date, but it starts the moment you decide to marry. Hence, here are some important things that should be added to your checklist and should be followed depending upon the time left –

  • A year or nine months before you should know your vow master personally, research on the florist, caterer, band, and photographer and look for a venue to book the date when they are free. Before booking a venue, you should plan your budget, count the number of guests to be invited, and decide the kind of party to be held, this will narrow down your list of venues.
  • Eight months to the wedding – Besides the venue you should have also fixed the photographer, videographer and caterer. If you have out station guests, then book hotel rooms for them to stay as well start looking for your wedding gown and bridesmaid’s dress.
  • Four months – By now you have prepared you whole attire along with shoes and accessories, but don’t forget about the makeup artist. Select the DJ, cake, and book the rehearsal at the venue.
  • Three months – You should be thorough with menu, flowers, reading, honeymoon booking, invitation cards rings and other vendors. Not much time is left therefore, one cannot make a single mistake.
  • One month – Everything by now should be finalized and you should revise them. At this time, you should be more focused towards your skin and health.
  • A week before D-day is the excitement week, but don’t forget to check finally with the caterer to ensure there hasn’t been any changes in the menu or cutlery, photographer, videographer, DJ to ensure if they have the playlist you requested and venue back again to know the decoration items you requested have arrived.

You wedding day should be hassle free, this can be done only when you prepare your checklist beforehand and follow it diligently. Get started now if you haven’t, don’t just rely on anyone.

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