Practical Tips on How to Buy Perfect Jewelry

Buying jewelry cannot be easy all the time. Choosing right jewelry piece for a special occasion can make the birthday or anniversary more exceptional. Guys, who really struggle in choosing jewelry for their lady love really need help. However, you need to remember that even a small jewelry piece will reveal a lot about your sentiments and feelings to the recipient.

At high end jewelry store Seattle, you will come across plethora of collection including necklaces, earring, rings, pendants, chains, and even charms.

Practical tips on how to buy perfect jewelry

Brand loyalty

Branded jewelry is most sought after. If you cannot see specific craftsmanship details besides brand name then you may be overpaying. Luxury brands don’t offer discounts on their jewelry, so they are poor gift-giving options for holiday.

Choosing a diamond

At high end jewelry store, you can find premium quality diamonds. Tips on how to choose an authentic diamond to mark a special occasion of your life.

  • It is a fact that more you pay the better quality you get. Therefore, if finance is not an issue then go for the best color, clarity, cut and carat. In case, you have a budget then determine which ones from the 4C’s are most vital and thus increase your buying power. For e.g. a 0.85 carat well-cut diamond will appear larger than a 1 carat poorly cut rock.
  • Never get pushed by the sales person at the jewelry store as this is a crucial and emotional decision.
  • Jewelry store that provides money back policy on their totally insured packages allow you to shop confidently. You are aware that if anything goes awry, you get support.
  • Before you buy gain a little knowledge on diamonds.

Pearls are women’s best friend

Diamonds are forever but pearls offer more options. In case, diamond is not within your budget then consider choosing pearl jewelry. They compliment every beauty and style. There are three categories of pearls.

  • Natural pearls – Rarely found in nature
  • Cultured pearls – Are harvested naturally and accessible everywhere
  • Imitation or fake pearls – Plastic pearls that hardly resemble the real ones

The first two categories are real pearls. Actually, cultured pearls need a little human intervention but majority of pearl producing process depends on nature.

You will easily know the difference between an imitation and real pearls looking at its sheen, luster, and surface smoothness. Fake pearls surface is very smooth, so you can tell.

Birthstones or gemstones

You may be disappointed at the cost of sapphire, ruby and emerald but there are semi-precious stones. Amber, peridot, moonstones, opal, garnet, amethyst, and more will truly impress her. Even synthetic gemstones can be great option but don’t tell her a lie that it is authentic.

Get second opinion

Ask her family or friend on the kind of jewelry she adores without any hesitation. Taste is subjective. Even if you buy a well-crafted or rare jewelry item, her perception may be different. Therefore, find someone to get second opinion as well as keep your secret!

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