The Dos and Don’ts of Initial Pendants

Initial pendants are not just a pre-teen craze but they are a full-fledged fashion statement. This trend was initially thought to be childish but when it was adopted by celebrities as well, the fashion critics had to accept it. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Anniston used initial pendants as a way to declare their love in front of the world. Yeah, it does sound a little childish but love tends to be that way, I guess.

Charm bracelets are in league with initial pendants. They are considered to be immature but they have also stayed popular, among females of any age. You can always wear charm bracelets to showcase your personality and or exhibit an important mile stone of your life.  However, it does not mean that you should throw together every charm and initial pendant you have in your jewellery box. There are certain dos and don’ts of wearing initial pendants that you must follow in order to rock the look.

Select the Chain of the Pendant

You might think that a chain is not important because your pendant is going to get all the attention. You could not be more wrong. The chains for pendants come in different styles and are compatible with a certain kind of charms only. The style in which your initial has been carved must suit the style of the chain in order to create a harmonizing look.

Do not Mix the Metals

This point has been stressed, probably by every fashion blogger on internet. Not all metals go well with each other. Silver and Gold initials pendantswill not go well together due to the obvious difference in luster of these metals. And if you are going for layer pendants, then you must follow this rule. Otherwise, it will end in a disaster because gold and silver compliments different skin tones and choosing the wrong metal or mixing them can make you look pale and sick.

Personalize it

The initial you are wearing must be about you or someone you care about. That does not mean that you should only wear one pendant at a time. You can wear multiple pendants at the same time but be sure to customize it according to your personality. That is the whole point of wearing initial charms. Add a little color to it, it does not have to be all white or gold. Make sure to decide on a color theme beforehand as wearing incompatible colors will result in a fashion failure.

A single statement pendant

Stacking and layering pendants is cool and all but if you want to look chic and sophisticated without looking immature, you can wear a single initial pendant. Diamond initials pendantsare the best option in this regard because diamond in itself is enough to make a statement. The simplicity and sparkle of diamond does not need any other metal to enhance its beauty. If you wanted to convey a message to a specific person by wearing initial pendant, diamond will get you the immediate attention of that person.

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