Common Types of Bikini Waxing

As the summer season approaches, people begin to think about the bikini styles and swimsuits that they are going to use. You must decide in advance the kind of bikini style you will be opting. Shaving may appear to be a fast hair removal technique, but waxing makes sure that you stay hair free for an extended period. You will not also have discomfort and cuts in those sensitive areas. Waxing will also make sure that you shape your bikini line precisely the way you want it to be while maintaining high levels of neatness.

You may not be sure of the type of style to choose particularly if you have not had a bikini wax before. The market has several options, and the style you select depends on your personal preferences. Only allow professionals to handle some waxing styles like the ‘Hollywood,’ ‘Brazilian,’ and ‘French.’ However, you can do some simple waxing procedures from the comfort of your home. Two main factors differentiate the various styles of Bikini waxing. These include the amount of hair you remove and the area that you leave some hair. You can check out the deals here to wax orchard. In the meantime, let us explore the five main types of Bikini waxing you can find in the market.

  • Hollywood

Only professionals have the expertise to deliver this look your way. The style is applicable to any person who does not want any hair in the pubic area. It removes all the hair from the back to the front.

  • American Wax

People consider this to be the most basic or standard form of bikini waxing. It’s like a ‘tidy up’ as it only eliminates any hair that is visible when wearing a swimsuit or bikini. It stretches from the panty line to the upper thighs. It also goes to the top that could pick over your waist band.

  • Extended Bikini or Full Bikini Line Wax

It removes all the hair that the standard bikini takes care of but extends to the legs and may take more hair at the top to form a triangular shape. It’s a good choice for anyone who wants to retain some hair in the pubic area while maintaining high levels of neatness.

  • Brazilian

The Brazilian wax removes most of the hair from the pubic area and closely resembles the French wax. However, it leaves a small triangle or strip in the front section but takes all the hair from the back. Its an ideal style for a thing Bikini because no one will see any hair back and front. It is a popular hair removal technique for Bikini waxing. There are various styles of Brazilian wax such as the ‘Desert Island,’ ‘Bermuda Triangle’ or ‘Upside-Down Triangle.’ It leaves behind some small amount of hair for people who don’t want a completely hair-free Bikini area.

  • French Wax

This technique takes off hairs from everywhere including some of the most intimate areas. However, it leaves behind a landing strip at the top. It does not touch the areas that are behind making it ideal for people who want a smooth up front without removing the hair that is behind.