Cold Vs. Hot Waxing Methods of Removing Unwanted Hair

Most people will tell you that waxing is one of the modern methods of removing unwanted hair. However, the truth of the matter is that leg waxing traces its roots back to ancient Egypt. More affluent Egyptians and members of the Royalty did enjoy the use of waxing in removing unwanted hair. These people regarded waxing as an efficient way of maintaining beauty. Therefore, waxing is an old method of removing unwanted hair but its popularity begun to increase significantly in the recent past.

Waxing is a temporary technique of removing un-wanted hair from the follicles at the roots. Now that the wax removes al the hair, new hair cannot grow in the same region until the next growing cycle which can take almost eight weeks. The period is long enough especially when it comes to maintaining a hair-free skin. It makes waxing to be the best temporary hair removal technique out there.

The good thing with waxing is that you can perform it on almost all parts of the body. The treatment can be administered to both men and women equally. Recently, most men have been waxing their chests and backs. Athletes have also been undergoing waxing for several years now. The treatment gives these professionals an appealing look now that they have their legs exposed most of the time.  You can get this treatment from wax Arlington at a very affordable price.

The wax is basically manufactured by mixings some fats and oils with paraffin and bees wax. The manufacturers know the right proportion that will product the best results and remain friendly to the skin. It’s good to understand the two waxing methods before you proceed for the treatment. These include the hot or cold waxing techniques.

  • The Hot Waxing Technique

The hot waxing method allows you to gently warm the wax before making the application. Be keen not to over-heat the wax because it can burn your skin. The waxing professional spreads a thin layer of the wax over the waxing region towards the direction of hair growth. The next step is to lay a cotton strip over this hot wax. You need to give the wax some reasonable amount of time to cool down. After the wax cools, the last step is to pill of the strip quickly against the direction of hair growth. This process will remove all the unwanted hair from the region.

  • The Cold Waxing Technique

Cold waxing entails the use of pre-made wax strips on the area that has the unwanted hair. You simply lay a wax strip on that area and then rub it over so that the underneath hair can adhere. You will then pull off the strip and this will bring the hair out with it. The beauty with cold waxing is that it isn’t messy but most people will tell you that hot wax tends to achieve better results.

Waxing may tend to be a bit painful and may leave behind reddened soreness on the skin. You can combat this through the application of a non-perfumed moisturizer to the treated region. Some of these creams have nutritional supplements such as Aloe Vera or vitamins.

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