The Basics of Wedding Planning: What You Need to Consider

For many couples, the location of a wedding venue is an important component in planning their wedding. Regardless of where you host the event though, you need to consider the logistics of getting the guests to the site.

Getting Your Guests to the Wedding Location

In some cases, your guests may be driving a lengthy distance to get to your wedding location. Whilst they probably have access to Google maps, or a similar navigational tool, these types of resources are not always reliable. Given the probability of traffic congestion or confusion on the freeway, it is best to provide, in addition to the invitation, specific directions on a map. Include the names of the proper off-ramps off the freeway as well.

Timing Is Everything

If you have a Friday evening wedding, you have to consider the commuter traffic, particularly if your venue is in an area that is subject to bumper-to-bumper traffic. When scheduling a venue then, it is best to begin the ceremony after 7pm, when the roadways are not as crowded.

Questions to Ask

Next, you need to consider the type of event. Most brides choose venues that are elegant or traditional. Do you want the nuptials read during the evening or day? Also, would you prefer hosting the wedding indoors or outdoors? Do you envision a formal banquet or a garden reception?

How Many Guests Will Be Attending the Event?

Also, how many people will be attending your wedding? Most wedding venues in Sydney request a guest count projection about sixty to ninety days before the wedding and reception. They usually require a deposit based on the number you provide. Also, a confirmed guest count is normally required 72 hours before the wedding is held. To plan your budget and choose the right venue then, it is best to have a solid estimate of the number of attendees early on in the process.

Will the Event Be Hosted Inside or Outside?

Naturally, the weather can play a large part in considering a venue, especially if you are planning a wedding or reception outdoors. Whilst holding a celebration is lovely under sunny skies, you also have to factor those times when the mercury starts to rise. That means you need to outfit an outdoor area with tables and umbrellas or a canopy.

Why Evening May Be Better

So, if you are holding a summer wedding outside, you may want to consider an evening event over a midday celebration. Not only is the air more agreeable toward the onset of night, you and your guests may also be rewarded with an amazing sunset.

Make It Easy for Guests to Park and Access the Event Site

Whilst parking is normally not a crucial factor, you still want to make sure it is manageable for your attendees. After all, you do not want to make it difficult for guests to find a parking spot.

Planning the Reception

If you find a facility that offers in-house catering, it will be easier to plan the reception. Taste beers and wines in advance, and be specific about the choices in spirits. Make sure the menu is tailored to the dietary preferences of certain guests.


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