Avoid These Mistakes While Installing Your Air Conditioner


You have spent good amount of your hard-earned money in buying your air conditioner and therefore you cannot afford to do any mistakes in installation. Proper installation will ensure that you get proper cooling. Also, you can avoid damage to your window. Therefore, while installing your AC you should avoid the following common mistakes.

  • Choosing Wrong window

While installing your AC unit, proper selection of window is very important otherwise you may not get effective cooling. Make sure that your AC is placed in such a location where there are enough shades. If you have a number of windows then avoid choosing the window that is located in the corner of the room rather choose the window that is in central place of the wall.

  • Avoid improper bracket installation

If you buy AC from any reputed company like Hitachi, Samsung or LG then they also provide necessary bracket for mounting your AC unit. Make sure that you have installed your brackets securely in the wall for split AC and on the window in case of window AC. Improper bracket installation may cause unnecessary noise and vibration while AC unit is running and also it may fall and damage your property or hurt any member of your household.

  • Not sealing the gap around the windows

If you have installed any window air conditioner then make sure that there is no gap around the AC unit so that outside air can pass through. You must seal the entire gap properly. In addition to that you must ensure that there are no openings in the room that can allow the outside air to enter in the room. Prefer to use automatic door closure on your doors so that it may always remain closed when AC unit is running.

  • Avoid buying AC without taking measurement of window

If you are buying window air conditioner then make sure that the size of the AC unit can be easily accommodated in your window. If the dimension of the AC unit does not match with your window then either you have to return the AC or modify your window.

  • Do not install AC unit more than 6 feet away from power source

Usually all AC manufacturers supply their AC unit with a power cable which is of 6 feet length. Therefore, if you install your AC away from your power point then you have to use an additional power extension board, which can be unsafe. In case of split AC too you must maintain a distance between the indoor unit and outdoor unit as per the length of cable supplied by the manufacturer. In case, your room design does not permit it then you have to order for longer cables from the supplier.

  • Take adequate help while lifting AC unit

The weight of any window AC unit is more than 50 Kg and therefore while lifting and placing at proper location you need sufficient help. Do not try to lift without adequate persons otherwise it can result in accident.

If all these points are taken care during installation then you can get proper service from your air conditioner.

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